Yummy You! Pizza Scarf is at AND on sale!

Posted on 16 October 2014 | 1:00 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 7.00.33 PMThe Yummy You! Pizza scarf is available at, and the whole site is actually on sale right now!

BACK2SCHOOL sale at Yummy You!

Posted on 31 August 2014 | 5:42 pm

Hope you guys are having a great long weekend!

We are running a sale! Just use code BACK2SCHOOL when you checkout for 20% off your entire purchase!

I also uploaded 3 new items: a tshirt, a tank top, and handmade Bibi plush! All are really limited runs. Check it out!

Youniverse SlidePupshake1pPupShake crop tank and Bibi Sundae mini plush!

Youniverse1Yummy You-niverse tee!

Also don’t forget to check out our Giant Carrot Scarf!

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Pizza Scarf on BuzzFeed today!

Posted on 29 August 2014 | 6:24 pm

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.11.55 AMEtsy sent me a message today that my Pepperoni Pizza Scarf was getting a more hits than usual, so I went to look at the stats, and BuzzFeed posted a list for “17 Essential Products Every Pizza Lover Needs in Their Life.”

Don’t forget that you can also pick up a ready-to-ship Pizza Scarf from the Yummy You! shop! AND a fun, delicious-looking PFF Necklace to share with your best PizzaFriendForever!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.22.32 AM

Yummy You! at Kawaii Land – San Francisco! Photos and Video!

Posted on 5 August 2014 | 4:45 pm


Last Saturday night, I took Yummy You! to San Francisco’s first Kawaii Land , a cute shopping event and fashion show, at Ruby Skye. I debuted our new Bibi character in the form of t-shirts, tank tops, and a plushy pillow!

I’m still not sure what to officially refer to Bibi’s cartoon character as! She looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge dumped on her head! I’ve been calling her Bibi the Ice Cream Pup or Bibi the Sundae Pup, but if you have any cute suggestions, I am all ears!

KL7KL5Sorry for all the crazy flash photos!! This was a night-time event inside a night-club, so there was a lot of dim mood-lighting, which you will see in the video below!

My buddy Elysse came to help me in the booth, and she wore one of the squishy donut & pompom head bands I made the night before. Donut princess power! I ended up having to experiment and use 3 different adhesives on one headband, cuz certain things don’t want to stick to other certain things, and it took 3 different glues to get it all working.

KL3KL6KL8KL9We ran around a little bit to take photos in the DoooDolls photo booth.

KL14KL12KL10This is where I met Mish Monster in person! These events are always fun cuz you end up meeting people you’ve only seen on Instagram! She was in the runway show for Interro Bang.

KL16And speaking of meeting awesome people…

KL18KL19Tiny Tangerines (cutest crocheted headbands & more!), moi, XanaduJulie (yummy custom decoden!), their friend who is a photographer but I totally forgot her name because I am a terrible person, and Kiki (Bay Area tattoo artist!)! What a powerhouse of cuteness, niceness, supportiveness, and wondermentness!

KL17My buddy Guapo came and bought his friend’s daughter a Hello Kitty ring, and I thought it was funny that he wore it around that night on his pinky, like Joe Pesci. I kept going, “Pose like Joe Pesci!” But I don’t know that that really means anything to anybody…

Here’s me and Tiffany. We hardly ever take photos together, so I forced her! I am not even going to tell you who she thinks she looks like when she smiles…    This is my face when I have run out of smile-juice.

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 4.06.49 AM

Here are a few snaps that I stole from Instagram!

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 4.06.20 AMScreen shot 2014-08-05 at 4.21.12 AMEveryone is the cutest and the sweetest!! Sometimes people come to say hi at events and apologize for appearing stalkery or fangirly, and I’m like, it’s the internet, we all stalk each other and fangirl over each other, so it’s all good! That’s the point! I love when you guys say hi!

Here is a photo that Guapo snapped of the table. I don’t think that I was originally visible, but I could see him taking a photo through the gaps in my grid wall, and then I popped my head out.

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 4.06.34 AM

Okay, here’s some video! Sorry it’s kinda dark, cuz, well, it was dark in the venue :P. Also, I realized, my point-and-shoot is on its last legs, and doesn’t focus that well for video anymore, plus it blows out everything, so it’s hard to see the fashion show in any kind of detail, and I completely left out the bikini designer (sorry!). BUT, you still get an idea of what it was like. Plus, watch for the kilts… you’ll like it, I promise. (p.s. I uploaded this to Vimeo for now instead of YouTube, because I feel like I promised YouTube that my next video would be a tutorial, and I need to work on that this week! Which means: new free pattern here on the blog, too!)

Kawaii Land – San Francisco – August 2014 from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.
 There are some tees and some Bibi plush dolls leftover (sewn by my mom!), and I will get them up in the Yummy You shop as soon as I can, but I have to snap some better photos of them first :). I also have some donut headbands leftover, so if those seem appealing, I will post them as well!

Oh, I will include my outfit deets, too, in case anyone asks! ;)


Dress: Sourpuss Clothing, Necklace: FatallyFeminine, Cupcake Scarf: Yummy You!, Hair pompoms: me!, Lace leggings: I’m Your Present

Come see Yummy You! at KawaiiLand San Francisco!

Posted on 15 July 2014 | 5:08 pm

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 2.05.21 AM

Two weeks after I vend at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend, I will be selling Yummy You! merch at the first KawaiiLand San Francisco! There’s going to be live music, a fashion show, and tons of cute vendors! You can see some video from KawaiiLand LA on the website. Let’s make the SF event even more cute, colorful, and fun!  I’m putting together and will be bringing some brand spankin’ new stuff, including the debut of a brand new member/character in the Yummy You Crew, plus all of our cute scarves! (I’ll reveal more details about the new member as the new merch rolls in…)

I know I have personally kvetched about how we don’t have as many kawaii/J-fashion events here in SF as compared to LA, so here is our chance to make it happen!! It’s also 4 days before my birthday, so you can come and wish me a happy one!  You can purchase your $15 ticket now, from me, at this link right here! If you or your friends buy the ticket through my unique link, your ticket sale will go toward the cost of my table, so you would not only be supporting kawaii culture in our city, but also really directly supporting me, which I would so appreciate! I’ll see you there! (21+!)